Mission Statement:
Updowntowners of Syracuse, Inc. advances and promotes activities, events, and programs to involve its members and the general public in enriching the social, cultural, educational, commercial and residential life of the Syracuse Community

Award for Excellence

The Updowntowners has been presenting this prestigious award since 1985.  Some of the past recipients are:

Award for Excellence
Past Recipients:
1985 Nancy Duffy
1986 Cultural Resources Council
1987 John H. Mulroy
1988 The Discovery Center / MOST
1989 Jean Daugherty
1990 Rose & Murray Bernthal
1991 Syracuse Symphony Orchestra
1992 Frank Malfitano
1994 Syracuse New Times
1995 On Bank & Trust Company
1996 Armory Square Association
1997 Georgia Serferlis (posthumously)
1998 General Services Administration
of the James M. Hanley Federal Building
1999 Dennis Conners & the Onondaga Historical Assn.
2000 Everson Museum of Art
2001 Erie Canal Museum
2002 The Landmark Theatre
2003 NYS Senator John A. DeFrancisco
2004 Mary Beth Roach, Syracuse Department of
Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs
2005 Jerry Gallagher, Oncenter Complex
2006 County Executive Nicholas J. Pirro
2007 Larry Luttinger
2008 Mayor Matthew J. Driscoll
2009 The Samaritan Center
2010 Charlotte “Chuckie” Holstein – FOCUS
2011 O’Brien & Gere
2012 Centro
2013 Courtyard & Residence Inn by Marriott, Armory Square
2014 Syracuse St. Patrick’s Parade Committee
2015 Syracuse Winterfest
2016 Amaus Health Services at the Cathedral
2017 Ed Riley, Hotel Syracuse Restoration
2018 Redhouse Arts Center

2019 The Downtown Committee of Syracuse

Volunteer Levels of Effort:

Silver 0 – 5 credits:

Tom Bock, Mary Ann Cerio,
Sandy Chamberlin-Macko,
Sandra Fesko,
Vincent Finocchio, Susan Foster,
Christine Furcinito, Jeff Gosch,
Carol Louise, Barb Marshall,
Ed Riskosky,
Gold 6 – 15 credits:

Marty Bock, Vickie Holley,
Barb McNiff, Tish Stark, Tim Wright

Sapphire 16 – 35 credits:

Sandy Elen, Yvonne Hooker,
Diane Knowlton, Len Kolakowski,
Doug Meikleham, Frances Moskow,
David Osborn, Mickey Palumbo,
Jane Trezise

Ruby 36 – 55 credits:

Don Goulet, Pat Palumbo,
Yvonne Russell

Emerald 56 – 75 credits:

Bill Cooper

Diamond 76 credits & above:

Ann Goehner

Member of the Year:

1983 Hamilton White III
1984 Margo Deland
2001 Cal & Gini Bowne
2002 Judie Bailey
2003 Mickey Palumbo

2004 Ann Goehner
2005 Len Kolakowski
2006 Barb McNiff
2007 Bill Cooper
2008 Ann Goehner
2009 Yvonne Russell

2010 Don Goulet


Previous Awardees Outstanding Service:

Maria Ascrizzi

Janice Arlukiewicz
Judie Bailey
Dave Balfort

Bob Berg
Martha (Hill) Bock and Tom Bock
Cal Bowne and Gini Bowne

Rose Cahl
Lori Capels-Paluch
Diana Capsello
Andrea Ciravolo
Bill Cooper
Doris Coyle
Kathy Coyle
Paula Deckman

Cheryl DePalma
Rosalie Dominguez Sandy Elen
John Estes

Debbie Foley

Sue (Putman) Foster
Pat Gallivan
Theresa Gasper
Joe Giordano
Mary Goodeve Emma Goodman
Jeff Gosch Don Goulet
Will Hansen Sally Harrington
Vickie Holley
Jon Holtsbery
Yvonne Hooker
Bill Hunt Carlos Hunter
Kip Hunter
Angie Huse Jack Hyde
Annette Jeffes
Pam Johnson
Buzz Kent
Fran Kip

Diane Knowlton
Sophie Kolb
Len Kolakowski
Ron Kotz
Diane Kulesa
Dawn LaPointe
Norene Lavine
Dave Lepinske
Barb Marshall
Barbara McNiff
Bob Mergle
Doug Meikleham
Tony Monteleone
Fran Moskow
John Nicklus
Peggy Ogden
Dave Osborn
Lisa Osborne
Pam Palmerton
Mickey Palumbo
Pat Palumbo
Guy Perot

Tom Perry
Kevin Piquet
Linda Pizzuto
Jim Proietti
Klaus Raith
Dennis Rodoski
Yvonne Russell
Bev Sauerwein
Don Sauerwein
Tim Schneider
Andy Share
Carolyn Simmons
Tish Stark
Jamie Steele
Mary Stimson
Tom Thompson
Dave Tillotson Doreen Todorov
Jane Trezise
Dick Wallace
Mark Wierzbicki
Patricia Wierzbicki


12th Annual

December 8, 2012

20 Years of Service:

1980/83 – 2003
Gini Bowne Sally Harrington
Bill Cooper Dawn LaPointe
Jeff Gosch Jamie Steele

1985 – 2005

 Judie Bailey
 Robin Pinkiert

1986 – 2006

Sue Foster
Judy Meetze

1987 – 2007
Cal Bowne
Len Kolakowski

1988 – 2008
Ron Kotz

1989 – 2009
Martha Bock

1990 – 2010
Mike Haggerty

1991 – 2011
Tom Bock
Lisa Osborne

President’s Awards:

Judie Bailey
Cal Bowne
Sandy Elen
Ann Goehner

Tom Bock
Mickey Palumbo
Tim Schneider

Judie Bailey
Cal Bowne
Linda Doran
Sandy Elen

Martha Bock
Paula Deckman
Jeff Gosch
Sean Quigley

Martha Bock
Yvonne Hooker
Tish Stark

Theresa Gasper
Ann Goehner

Tom Bock
Linda Pizzuto
Yvonne Russell

Cal Bowne
Josie Losurdo
Len Kolakowsk

Cal Bowne
Josie Losurdo

Tom Bock
Pat Palumbo


Don Goulet